In an increasingly complex world, it is essential to constantly search for the most effective way to communicate. Developing new ideas, new visions and strategies to approach your major stakeholders brings your organization a step in the right direction. In this field Public Eyes can bring expertise, creativity and play a stimulating and vital role.

Corporate Communications
• Corporate profiling internal en external
• Internal communications, mission and vision
• Crisis and issue management, incl. crisis- and media training
• Corporate media management and spokespersonship

Marketing Communications

• Integrated communications :
• Strategy
• Creative concepts
• Campaign development including PR, internet and advertising
• Multichannel approach and implementation
• Coordination and account management
• Monitoring results and evaluation
• Crisis and issue management, incl. crisis- and media training
• Media management

Project management & Implementation
• PR & internet campaigns
• Journalistic projects
• Development of promotional materials and adds
• Development of mobile and I-pad apps and services
• Website development and coordination production (bridge the gap with IT)
• Webvertising/SEO